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Business English for Professionals (1zu1)

Be a stronger version of you at work speaking and writing in correct Business English.

Consulatations will be of valuable assistance for you to be comfortable in Business English to head positively into your next video conference, meeting, presentation, speech as well as writing emails, documents and Power Point Presentations with clarity and confidence.

Let’s discuss your learning needs and goals to find the best path for you to improve your Business English.

Ziel und Inhalt des Kurses

  • To improve the clients level of Business English by consultations on correct grammar, specialised Business English vocabulary and fluency in speech.
  • The course will be customised to suit the needs for each client to target which particular area the individual needs to improve.
  • There would be one-to-one consultations taking place over zoom, using Business English online tools which will be suitable for the level of English for each client.
  • In order to learn Business English a very specific knowledge of vocabulary, abbreviations, acronyms and idioms are required which will be taught during the duration of the course.
  • This course will provide the client to demonstrate a wider professional basis of English to be useful in an office or other business environments.
  • By understanding the communication skills needed in the workplace they will gain the confidence to build stronger relationships with their colleagues and clients

In order to gain the most out of the consultations the client should have a minimum intermediate level (B1) of the English language and access to zoom.

1 to 1

One lesson per week, no breaks are planned during the duration of the course
13.00 -14.00 is possible as well


Start-Datum Terminfindung nach der Buchung
Preis CHF 100.–
Standort Online
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Richard Charles

Your Course Leader

Richard has studied Pharmacology and Business Studies at Portsmouth University (UK) and is a qualified TEFLA English teacher. He has managerial and administrational experience in many business cultures around the world. These sectors include Medical and Anti-Doping, Sport, Finance, Law and Education. Richard is originally from South Wales (UK) and has been living in Switzerland with his family for twenty-three years.

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